Rental Rules






1.       THERE IS A NO PET POLICY.  If pets are found on the premises you will forfeit your deposit and a new deposit will be required.

2.      RENT PAYMENTS:  Please make rent payments by check or money order, payable to Bequette Properties.  If necessary, you may pay by cash but to make sure LANDLORD receives payment, there is a mail slot on the office door that may be used.  If a tenant’s check is returned for any reason, tenant will be charged a $30 fee.  If tenant has a problem paying at the time rent is due, tenant must make special arrangements with landlord. A $20 late fee will be charged on rents that are late.  An additional 5% will be charged on rent that is 15 days late.   Deliver or mail your rent payment to: 109 North Oak, Union, MO 63084, with the unit number on it

3.      PARKING AREA:  Every unit has adequate tenant parking space available.  Advise visitors to park on street, not in other units’ parking areas.  Unauthorized cars will be towed away.  Do not take bicycles inside apartments or hallways at any time.  Snow and ice removal will NOT be handled by the landlord for any sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas unless unit is in an association which does so

4.      PROHIBITION AGAINST EXCESSIVE NOISE & PETS:  Pets are NOT permitted and violate your lease.  When playing your radio, stereo, or TV set at any hour of the day or night, keep volume reduced sufficiently to never disturb the privacy of any other tenant, whether above, below, or beside you.   Disturbance of the peace is a violation of City law and also violates your lease.  You are responsible for the actions of any guests or visitors at your unit, so make sure they are not loud, and the conduct of both you and your guests is at all times dignified and proper, since otherwise it is also a violation of your lease

  1. MAINTAINING NICE APPEARANCE OF PREMISES:  This is your home and also the home of others.  Help the landlord keep the premises clean, and not littered, by placing trash at curb on trash collection days.  Do NOT toss wrappers or any other debris or litter on sidewalks, grass, balconies, or driveways.  Also, housekeeping of your unit is very important.  Remove trash frequently from unit and keep floors swept and carpets vacuumed to prevent attracting insects and rodents.  DO NOT let any bugs or rodents breed in your unit.  Notify landlord of any bug problems.  DO NOT hang any items from balcony railings, nor set personal property out on balconies.  DO NOT at any time deface the building interior, exterior, sidewalks, or parking areas with paint or any other substance.  (Example:  Spray painting items by placing against building or sidewalk.)

6.      MAINTENANCE REPAIRS:  If a repair is necessary to your apartment/unit, notify the landlord.  The best way to notify the landlord is through a written note stating your unit number, name, and repair needed.  Those he gets in writing will be given better service.  By the same token, respect the privacy of the landlord, and do not bother them excessively, and then only at reasonable hours.  If a repair is the result of your act or negligence, you will be charged for the repair; otherwise it will be handled by the owner.

7.      ALL TENANTS ARE ADVISED BY OWNER/MANAGEMENT TO GET A RENTER’S INSURANCE POLICY for their personal property, personal injuries occurring in their apartment/house and/or other damages that may occur.  According to the terms of the rental agreement, owner/management is in no way responsible for damage to residents’ personal property, and our insurance does not cover the personal property and belongings of residents

8.      PLUMBING CAUTIONS:  DO NOT dispose of feminine hygiene items, trash, or other objects like paper towels, package wrappers, excessive amounts of toilet paper, etc. in the toilet.  They will most certainly cause a sewer backup unpleasant to you and others alike, and you will be charged for the cleanup and unclogging.  Tenant should also have a plunger to unclog minor backups.  DO NOT allow any shower to spray outside the tub or allow the tub to overflow the sides.  Tenant agrees to promptly notify landlord of the need for any repairs of any water leak or water damage

9.       MINIMUM DEDUCTIONS FOR DAMAGES AND DIRTINESS OF APARTMENT/UNIT:  Any defect alleged as existing upon inception of lease must be noted in writing to landlord upon signing of lease.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to change furnace/ac filters. Any damage caused by dirty filters will be charge to tenant.  When moving out, the unit must be clean and ready for the next tenant.  So you are well advised, we list SOME of the possible deductions from you security deposit or additional charges which will be made for damage or dirtiness of a unit returned to the owner upon expiration of the lease.

    1. Excessive nail holes (each)........................................$  2.00
    2. Wall adhesive hooks or tape (each)………………...$  5.00
    3. Dirty refrigerator……………………………………$25.00
    4. Carpet cigarette burn or scorch mark (each)………..$20.00

e.        Dirty oven/range/broiler…………………………….$50.00

    1. Burned through carpet hole (each)………………….$50.00

g.        Excessive carpet dirt (bedroom)……………………$35.00

    1. Excessive carpet dirt (living room)…………………$55.00
    2. Missing appliance accessory………………………..$35.00
    3. Broken window panes………………………………Cost to repair
    4. Dirty walls, ceilings, floors, etc…………………….Cost to clean
    5. Painting (room)……………………………………..$50.00
    6. Excessive dirt (blinds)………………………………$15.00
    7. Door stops (each)…………………………………...$  5.00
    8. Dirty furnace filter………………………………….$10.00
    9. Keys not returned (each)……………………………$10.00

q.      Other damage……………………………………….Cost to fix, repair

r.        Labor  rate per hour…………………………………$40.00

10.    RANGE, OVEN, AND BROILER MAINTENANCE:  More deductions and charges are made to tenants on failure to sufficiently clean the range than anything else.  If meat juices, greasy items, etc. bake on an oven or broiler over a period of months, they are extremely difficult to remove.  A thorough cleaning at least monthly with a spray-type oven cleaner is desirable.  Upon expiration of your lease, when you are vacating the unit, plan accordingly to clean oven, especially if it hasn’t been done on a regular basis, as it can NOT be done in a short amount of time.  Use of aluminum foil under burners helps prevent encrusted grease droppings

11.  FAILURE TO FULFILL LEASE:  A $50.00 fee will be charged for each handling of any lease amendment, sub-lease, or lease release.  If you decide not to continue with your lease after signing, your deposit will be forfeited but you will still remain liable under your lease contract until released

12.  KEYS:  If you lock yourself out of your unit DO NOT try to pry doors or windows open.  This will cause considerable damage and you will be charged for any and all repairs to fix or replace doors or windows.  It is recommended that the lessee hide a key or give one to a friend or relative, as the landlord may not be available to unlock the door.  If the landlord or his agent has to come to let you  in there will be a charge of $30.

13.  LOCKS:  Locks may only be changed after written consent by landlord is given and is only to be done by landlord.  Tenant will be charged for changing of locks.

14.  GARBAGE DISPOSAL MAINTENANCE:  Garbage disposals will not quit working unless foreign objects such as forks, spoons, pennies, can tabs, corn holder, sticks, etc. are put into them.  Tenant will be charged for repair of a disposal due to foreign objects in it.  The disposer is not meant to have all of the table scraps and leftover food put into it.  Plates and grease should be scraped into the trash can and then rinsed on the disposer side of the sink.

15.  AIR CONDITIONERS:  Air conditioners are meant to cool the inside temperature to 15 degrees less than the outside temperature.  If it is 100 degrees outside, the inside temperature will not be 72 degrees.  The air conditioner just cannot keep up, it is not broken.  Only persons employed by the landlord or his agents will work on or have anything to do with repair of the air conditioner/furnace.  Also, they are the only ones permitted to operate mechanical equipment in the premises.

16.  EXTERIOR OF PREMISES:  NO signs or advertisements shall be displayed.  NO lawn ornaments, landscaping, or statuary is permitted unless approved by landlord.  Outdoor satellites or radio/c.b. antennas may NOT be installed.  NO yard sales are permitted on premises.  Barbecue grills must be used and stored in the rear yard areas, NOT in the front or where they can be seen from the street.  Barbeque grills may not be used or stored on the wood decks.  Tenant is responsible for picking up all trash and debris in their yard.  If landlord or grass cutter has to pick it up, tenant will be charged for their time

17.  INTERIOR OF PREMISES:  NO in home businesses are allowed.  Install washing machines and dryer properly.  All units have dryer vents to outside and water hookups.  NO NOT redecorate or make any alterations or repairs to your unit (electric, plumbing, painting, etc.) without the written consent of the landlord.  Close windows and doors during inclement weather.  Tenant is responsible for water damage to walls, floors, shades, sills, drywall, etc.  All light fixtures will have operating light bulbs in them when you move in.  Tenant is responsible for replacing burnt out bulbs.  Excessive water on floors in bathroom from lack of shower curtain, not drying off in shower, etc. will damage and rot floors.  All damage due to this will be charged to tenant.  DO NOT store or place anything in utility room with furnace, hot water heater, or air return.  This will cause furnace damage and inefficiency.  Plastic or unauthorized weather stripping is NOT allowed.  Many of these products cause considerable damage.

18.  VEHICLES:  NO work on any motor vehicle is permitted on premises for more than 2 days.  Absolutely NO inoperable vehicles are permitted to be parked on premises.  Absolutely NO unlicensed vehicles may be parked on premises.  This is a city ordinance.  If your vehicle leaks oil or fluids, DO NOT park in the garage or on the driveway, park it on the street.  No semi-truck may be parked in the driveway or subdivision.

19.  DRUG FREE HOUSING.  Resident, any member of the resident’s household, or a guest or other person under the resident’s control shall not engage in criminal activity, including drug-related criminal activity, on or near property premises.  “Drug Related Criminal Activity” means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribute, use, or possession with intent to manufacture, sell distribute, or use of a controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C.802).

20.  TENANTS are responsible for following city ordinances and subdivision restrictions.



 It is agreed that the landlord may change these rules and regulations from time to time as needed to protect the property or add to the tenant’s enjoyment of the property.  All tenants are encouraged to notify landlord of infractions of these rules.  Observance by all residents is required and will benefit all occupants.


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