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Welcome to Bequette Homes

Bequette Homes Mission Statement- to deliver your family the home they deserve with excellent customer service.

Thinking of buying a new home? 

Rates are at all-time lows.  Now is the perfect time to:

  • Purchase your first home.
  • Build your dream home.
  • Design your retirement castle!

By choosing Bequette Homes you will enjoy several perks the large volume homebuilders' just can't beat:

  1. From floor plan to closing, every home owner works with a personal home builder representative with years of experience building houses, not selling them.
  2. Bequette Homes has been headquartered here in Union Missouri since our incorporation.   We aren't going anywhere!
  3. Since Bequette Homes is a financially diversified builder, your family can rest assured we will be around to service your needs for a very long time.
  4. Bequette Homes invests in Union Missouri almost exclusively.  We live here, pay our taxes here and send our children to school here. 
  5. Throughout the "Great Recession", we increased our rental property lineup almost 35%.   When other builders were cutting their losses, we were adding to our assets and came out stronger than ever.
  6. Bequette Homes hires local craftsmen.  Local craftsmen working on local jobs spending their money locally, right here in Union Missouri.
  7. Since Bequette Homes has built hundreds of properties in Union Missouri over the years, we have a wealth of knowledge of how to build a home in Union Missouri.  Permits, banks, neighbors, schools, etc.  We are Union Missouri!    

Our Communities, Your Home

At the present time we are developing several subdivisions in Union both on the east and west sides of Union Missouri.  Our subdivisions are:

  • The Honeysuckle
  • Koko Valley
  • Porterford Hills
  • Ridgepoint
  • The Southridge

Within our subdivisions, we have many different price ranges and models to choose from.  Or, if you prefer, bring in your plans and build on one of our many lots.  It's your choice!

Come talk to us today!

Rent-to-Own with Bequette Homes

We know purchasing a home can be difficult since the large banks tightened lending standards.  Bequette Homes offers a "rent-to-own" path to home ownership!  Please contact our office for further details on this exciting offer!

Homes for Rent with Bequette Homes

Over the years we have aquired over 125 rental properties in Union Missouri.  In fact, we are one of the largest home rental companies in all of Franklin County!  Whether you are looking for the convenience of an apartment, the utility of a townhome or just need to rent a home for year, Bequette Homes has a large selection to choose from. 

Bequette Homes currently has the following style homes for rent in Union Missouri:

  • Townhome
  • Duplex
  • Apartment
  • House
  • 4Plex
  • 8Plex
  • Villa

Worried about the rental neighborhoods?  Bequette Homes has tight application standards and even tighter "Rental Rules".  These rules are not just pretty words on paper but contractually enforced standards designed to insure everyone has a beautiful and safe place to live.  Our families, neighbors and friends live in and around our rental properties and we know very quickly if there is a problem.   You can rest assured your family will enjoy their time in our rental properties!


Whether buying, renting or rent-to-own, Bequette Homes will bring your family home to beautiful living space everyone can be proud of.  Call us today to schedule your appointment, or use the handy "Request An Appointment" form.  See you in Union Missouri!



Quality, selection and price.  Whether your family needs to rent an apartment or buy a custom-built dream home, our staff can get you more home for your money!

Call us today to setup an easy, no-risk appointment at 636-583-4311.

About Us

Bequette Homes is a custom home builder and property manager located in Union, Missouri.  Bequette Homes rents apartments, duplexes, condos and houses in and around Union, Missouri. Bequette Homes specializes in builder financed rent to own situations and can help you land your dream home without a large down payment.

Our Location

109 North Oak Street, Union, Missouri 63084

Call us!  636-583-4311


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